Who are these gay celebs dating

That's me. Yeah, I do. I have always considered myself bisexual I love a woman's body.

Comedian, YouTube star, and soon-to-be late night host Lilly Singh came out on Twitter as bisexual.

I think a woman and a woman together are beautiful, just as a man and a woman together are beautiful. Actress Bella Thorne may have had the most succinct public coming out announcement of all: Later, in , Thorne answered more fan questions on Twitter about her personal experiences with being bisexual. I like who I like. I happened to be dating a woman, and people started taking pictures of us walking to our car after dinner.

Celebs You Didn't Know Were In Same-Sex Relationships

I [was] holding her hand, and I realized that I have two options: I can let go of her hand and, when asked about it, I can say that my private life is my private life. Or I could not let go and own it.

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It was when Heard decided to "own it" back in that the bisexual label first came into play, though she's since decided against using the term. It served a function as an umbrella for marginalized people to whom rights were being denied, but it loses its efficacy because of the nuanced nature of humanity [ Jauregui, a member of pop music group Fifth Harmony, came out as bisexual in a Billboard op-ed piece saying, "I am a bisexual Cuban-American woman and I am so proud of it.

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This year, Jauregui collaborated with Halsey for a recent single about an unrequited same-sex romance. The lyrics initially had both artists singing about an unnamed "he. To call me anything other than bisexual would be inaccurate. The singer prefers not to use labels, but told Seventeen Magazine , "I don't love just men. I love people. It's not about a gender. It's just about the spirit that exudes from that other person you're with.

When The Advocate asked the Black Eyed Peas front woman about her bisexual past and why it wasn't a "trendy" thing for her, she said, "The funny thing is that I was very open and honest about that from the very beginning, and everyone was acting like it was some new trend.

32 celebrities who don't identify as either straight or gay

Go back four or five years, people, and you'll see the same answer. In , Cumming told The Advocate , "My sexuality has never been black and white; it's always been gray. I'm with a man, but I haven't closed myself off to the fact that I'm still sexually attracted to women. Now he's added a question and answer to the FAQ section on his website:.

As a bisexual person yourself, you're known for being outspoken on bisexuality and gender fluidity. How do you explain bisexuality to people who still don't get it?

I'm not here to change people's minds about whether they believe in bisexuality. All I'm saying is that I think my sexuality and most people's sexuality is gray. I am married to a man. I have a healthy sexual appetite and a healthy imagination. Gay marriage is slowly becoming legal in most states and in some countries around the world.

Celebs you didn't know were in same-sex relationships

Of course, some celebrities are a lot more private and prefer to keep their dating life more secret, while some enjoy flaunting it. Could you imagine hiding who you love? That is what some of these celebrities did! We were an example of true love. It can define you as much as you want it to.

Revealed: Who Are These Gay Celebs Dating?

Especially trying to come to terms with it and my faith. It can be really scary.

Being open and public about it will help so many people. I was an activist. I went to protests. I refused to not bring my partner at the time, but no one ever asked me about it. It did impact my career, it was difficult. It was not easy. What I did know was that I was curious, and even then I knew that sexuality was not as black and white as this dress.

But in , when that song came out, I knew that it started a conversation that a lot of the world seemed curious enough to sing along to it.